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Commure is building a system to accelerate healthcare software innovation.

We believe that better software for doctors, nurses and patients - and ultimately for the healthcare system as a whole - will come from responsibly connecting the top minds in technology, medicine and design.

Commure is a partner for
responsible innovation.

Commure was not built in a vacuum. From the very beginning, we have partnered with forward-leaning health leaders whose systems collectively serve over 30 million lives each year to make sure we earn their trust and fully understand what goes into achieving their goals of delivering safe, quality care. Commure is focused on enabling responsible innovation — not disruption.

Doctors using Commure

Commure is built by doctors and
developers for doctors
and developers.

“We built this platform to support the work of software engineers and teams who are looking to move the needle in healthcare. We built it for doctors who code and who are intimately acquainted with the challenges their profession faces in the day to day. And we built it for the established vendors who want to move technology forward and embrace those that will bring a fresh point of view to an otherwise staid industry," said Hemant Taneja, Chairman and co-founder of Commure, and Managing Director of General Catalyst.

Read more about Commure's founding story from Hemant on the General Catalyst blog.

Working at Commure

Important News

  • Hemant Taneja
  • “There’s a clear need and literally thousands of people who are looking to take on a technical challenge that matters. And that’s why two years ago, I jumped head first into building Commure to catalyze innovation across the healthcare industry.”

  • Hemant Taneja

  • Chairman and Co-founder of Commure, Managing Director of General Catalyst

  • Eugene Kuznetsov
  • “Healthcare needs better software at its very core, starting with better software for doctors and eventually for everyone involved.”

  • Eugene Kuznetsov

  • CTO and Co-founder